Ryan Houck

Ryan Houck

Communications Strategist & Media Consultant

A nationally recognized writer, director and communications specialist, Ryan creates advertising and strategy for leading companies, campaigns and causes.

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Ryan is a nationally-recognized writer, director, and communications specialist who creates advertising and strategy for leading companies, campaigns and causes.  His clients include numerous publicly-traded corporations, statewide trade associations, notable campaigns, and state party caucuses.

Ryan’s work has also headlined The Drudge Report, scored millions of hits on YouTube, and earned coverage from Fox News, MSNBC, The Hill, RealClearPolitics, and many other national outlets.

In 2014, Ryan published a book on generational politics with Post Hill Press called Will America Fail?  Upon its release, the new title quickly shot to the top of Amazon’s National Politics, Elections and Commentary sections.  Ryan’s work also includes award-winning TV spots for Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of ads for successful campaigns across the country—from Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas to Minnesota, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Prior to joining Consensus Communications, Ryan was executive director of Florida’s historic Vote No on 4 campaign in 2010—a $16 million statewide campaign that transformed a 30-point deficit into a 2-to-1 victory.  He is also a veteran of Mel Martinez’s successful U.S. Senate bid in 2004 and an alumnus of his Senate staff.

Ryan has periodically written for national news outlets, including the Daily Caller, CNS News, and Townhall.com.  As an accomplished spokesman and ghostwriter, his work has appeared in most major print outlets in Florida, including the Tampa Bay Times, the Miami Herald, and the Orlando Sentinel.  Over the years, Ryan has also served as spokesman for national organizations, statewide campaigns, and publicly-traded companies, appearing on Fox News and other notable TV and radio outlets.  He’s also a frequent public speaker on corporate media management, ad creation, and topical political subjects.  His work includes numerous published print and scholarly articles as well as documentary directing credits.

In 2012, Ryan was honored as one of the Orlando Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” He attended Rollins College on a full academic scholarship and graduated with a BA in Political Science.