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Consensus Communications has unparalleled success in running Florida political campaigns. We’ve run 12 statewide campaigns for ballot initiatives, US Senate, and for state Cabinet. In addition, we’ve run successful State House, State Senate, City and County Commission, School Board and local referenda campaigns.

As Republican political consultants we know how to win primaries and we know how to then win general elections in one of the most politically complex states in America. We also run non-partisan campaigns for Republicans at the local level.

Our role in campaigns is to serve as the General Consultant. In this role we are the lead strategists who help our clients put together the right plan and the right team to win the election.

We don’t take on dozens of races a cycle because we become deeply involved with the campaigns we take on and we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin. When you need us we are there – night or day – because of our level of involvement in each campaign we take on. Our experience helps our clients avoid mistakes and potential obstacles in order to save the campaign time, energy, and money.


Because we run campaigns, we understand how to fundraise for them.  It’s as much about thoughtfully identifying contributors as it is about disciplined outreach.

We work with candidates to develop a strategic finance plan – this includes raising money for their campaign as well as ECO’s and Party fundraising. We ensure the candidate stays on track and meets the goals outlined in the finance plan. Then we sweat the details of follow up phone calls, emails, and correspondence until the goal is reached.

Extensive campaign experience and working personally with elected officials on all levels translates into us knowing the local influencers in Orlando and the lobbying corps in Tallahassee that primarily support campaigns.

Our proven ability to identify supporters, organize fundraising opportunities, and navigate the intricate fundraising processes that exist on the local, state and federal levels have translated into successful campaigns for some of our clients including US Senator Mel Martinez, Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette and State Senator Andy Gardiner.

Media Consulting

When leading companies, campaigns and causes need to tell their story, they call on Consensus Communications. We specialize in developing powerful, award-winning advertising and communications strategies for Fortune 500 companies, respected non-profits and high-profile political campaigns.

Over the last 15 years, our firm has managed nearly $100 million in campaign advertising. Our clients demand world-class work from us—and so do we.  Political frontrunners and major companies count on Consensus to manage their entire advertising process and deliver a product of uncompromising quality.  That’s why our best resource remains our people.  Our production team works with candidates, causes and corporations of every size to pioneer compelling and creative TV advertising campaigns that are data-driven, cost-effective and of outstanding quality.

We’re not like most production houses.  Unlike most TV production houses, we are also experienced political consultants.  We’ve run successful state, local and federal campaigns and we’re accustomed to dissecting polling data before crafting the message for a 30-second TV spot.  In addition to fielding a talented production team, our firm brings top-notch political consultants with decades of experience to the table—an invaluable asset when coordinating a full suite of ads across multiple mediums.

We’re not like most consulting firms, either.  Most political consulting firms handle television production rarely, tending to outsource the filming, production and editing services to third parties.   Not us.  We’ve internalized the technology and the talent required to script, film, direct, edit and produce winning political TV ads.  We don’t believe in an assembly-line approach to developing an ad.  On the contrary, members of our production team who are involved in the editing process will also be involved in the scripting and filming process to ensure continuity of creative vision and adherence to message.  That approach leads to better quality and reduced cost to the client.  It’s also provided our firm with a range of production experience that extends beyond the political realm, bringing a unique, contemporary perspective to the development of advertising strategies for candidates, non-profits, trade associations and corporations.

The bottom line: Our approach marries the capabilities of a production house with the experience of a full-service public affairs firm.  It saves clients money—and it leads to better ads.

Our media consulting team has pioneered a modern approach to production that emphasizes cost-efficiency and tighter, data-driven message management.  We’ve developed effective and winning media campaigns for:

  • Candidates
  • Ballot Initiatives
  • Trade Associations
  • Corporate Clients
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Public Opinion Research

Would a doctor operate without running tests or doing x-rays or MRIs? Would a lawyer try a case without doing legal research? Then why do so many PR and advertising firms develop plans and messages without first recommending that the client do public opinion research?

One thing that distinguishes us from our competitors is our proven record of influencing public opinion. Our research-driven approach gives us unique expertise in helping clients turn research into effective strategy and compelling messages.

Whether a client already has a research firm, or is looking to hire one for the first time, Consensus Communications helps turn research results into a winning plan.


Whether you call it grassroots, coalition-building or field operations, it all adds up to the same thing: Citizen Lobbying.

How do we get real people to care about our cause?  Where can we find them and how do we mobilize them?

When it comes to supporting your legislative efforts there are a lot of modern tools in the toolbox, from TeleTown Halls to far more sophisticated instruments.  The key is knowing which tool to use—and when.

Consensus Communications has been doing this for decades. We specialize in developing integrated grassroots plans that utilize a mix of time-tested traditional methods (such as letter-writing, phone banking and face-to-face citizen lobbying) as well as new methods, including social networking and other forms of online organizing.  In many cases, we’re called upon to integrate grassroots tactics with media relations and advertising strategies.

Each legislative campaign is different.  Some require a broad, robust grassroots presence.  Others call for finesse and low-pressure tactics.  Sometimes you need to leverage the personal relationships of local civic and business leaders and sometimes you’re looking for visible displays of deep grassroots support.  We understand that grassroots activity should support, not disrupt, legislative activity.  Furthermore, our regular work on statewide ballot measure and issue campaigns has enabled us to develop strong relationships with local leaders and field operatives throughout the Sunshine State.

The days of blindly blanketing a lawmaker’s inbox with jargon-laden, form letters are over.  Grassroots has to be smarter than that.  It needs to be authentic.  At Consensus Communications, establishing authentic grassroots networks is something we do better than anyone else.