Consensus Communications has unparalleled success in running Florida political campaigns. We’ve run 12 statewide campaigns for ballot initiatives, US Senate, and for state Cabinet. In addition, we’ve run successful State House, State Senate, City and County Commission, School Board and local referenda campaigns.

As Republican political consultants we know how to win primaries and we know how to then win general elections in one of the most politically complex states in America. We also run non-partisan campaigns for Republicans at the local level.

Our role in campaigns is to serve as the General Consultant. In this role we are the lead strategists who help our clients put together the right plan and the right team to win the election.

We don’t take on dozens of races a cycle because we become deeply involved with the campaigns we take on and we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin. When you need us we are there – night or day – because of our level of involvement in each campaign we take on. Our experience helps our clients avoid mistakes and potential obstacles in order to save the campaign time, energy, and money.