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Consensus Communications is Florida’s leading public relations firm and has been recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as Central Florida’s Leading Public Relations Firm seven out of the last ten years.

To compete in today’s marketplace it is more important than ever to effectively tell your story, deliver your message, and establish your place as a leader. Consensus Communications helps clients address these communication needs and achieve their objectives.

Consensus Communications employs a proven model to develop the appropriate strategic public relations program for each client. At the foundation of our success lies a strategic approach to developing and implementing an integrated communications plan to grow, maintain and protect your interests.

During the past two decades, our professionals have worked with many of the world’s leading brands, and tackle high-stakes projects with tested and proven strategies. Consensus provides counsel to our clients on a wide spectrum of matters including strategic communications, media and public engagement, issues and crisis management, merger and acquisition, reputation, customer service, and stakeholder engagement.

Issues Management

Years ago, businesses could address major public policy and regulatory concerns solely within the halls of government. Today, businesses supporting or opposing actions of government must often make their case directly to the people.

Consensus Communications specializes in creating and managing communications and grassroots strategies for clients with high profile public policy issues. Our firm is built at the intersection of business and government. We understand how policy makers make decisions on controversial issues because we’re also very successful campaign strategists. But most important is that our business is to win for our clients.

We understand that in issues management, it’s not about improving market share and there is no prize for second place. It’s either prevail or fail.

Crisis Communications

When leading companies have high-stakes communications needs in Florida, they call upon Consensus Communications.

Our unique, research-based approach has developed over decades of guiding some of Florida’s top industries and businesses through high-profile crises.  Our consulting team will craft a plan and help you remain on message—especially, when the pressure is on.

We create data-driven strategies aimed at protecting our client’s most important asset: their reputation.

We’re also big believers in Benjamin Franklin’s old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That’s why we’ve developed innovative communications strategies that help our clients anticipate, minimize and often avoid crisis situations before they emerge.

Whether we’re needed in the public eye, or behind the scenes, we’ll help you develop the right strategy for:

  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Training and Coaching
  • Issues Management
  • Litigation Support

Media Relations

With clients in so many distinct and competitive industries, Consensus Communications has garnered a wealth of experience working with both traditional and new media. From crisis communications to proactive publicity, we have the experience, relationships, and creative approach to help communicate your message to and through the press.

We focus on message discipline. Whether it’s pitching a story, correcting an error, writing an op-ed, meeting with an editorial board, or using new media to drive traditional media, Consensus works tirelessly to ensure that the campaign adheres to a clear and consistent message.
Our media strategists provide a range of services, including:

  • Strategy and message development
  • Media outreach and relationship-building
  • Spokesperson and media training
  • Speech writing
  • Press conference management
  • Op-ed development and placement
  • Media monitoring and analysis

Digital and Social Media

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: It wasn’t long ago that these terms didn’t exist. Today, they are essential elements of an integrated communications strategy—and if you are not engaged, you should be. The effective use of social media can significantly extend the reach, impact and endurance of any campaign.

Markets that used to be measured in thousands and millions are now scaled to billions. More than 2 billion people are now connected to the internet, and more than half of them are Facebook users. More than 5 billion people have access to mobile phones. Sixty hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, and over 4 billion videos are viewed each day. This is a marketplace you simply cannot afford to ignore.

It’s the new grassroots. Social media employs the power of replication, allowing supporters to easily (and organically) promote your campaign, cause or business among thousands of contacts with the click of a mouse. It allows you to engage your stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue that’s transparent, authentic and impactful.

Internal Communications

Employees must be fully engaged with deliberate and strategic communications. This stakeholder group is perhaps your most important audience. They are increasingly subjected to a variety of external pressures and need information to be able to discern and respond to questions when appropriate.

Employees are your best ambassadors and must be equipped to fulfill that role and not be caught unprepared to respond or advocate on your behalf.

Consensus Communications has worked with and for Fortune 500 companies and startup operations, creating internal communications strategies to help you develop the most appropriate and effective plans. Our team has also worked in extremely difficult employee situations and transitions ranging from mergers and acquisitions to market expansions and closures.

Community Relations

To succeed in your business, it is important to understand, communicate and create productive relationships within the communities where you do business. Your community is comprised of a variety of people and organizations with different relationships and abilities to positively or negatively impact your business.

Stakeholders, or those with significant interest in your organization, make up a small but powerful segment of your community. They influence large numbers of people and organizations and require specific focus. Other stakeholders and community decision-makers include elected officials, neighborhood associations, educational institutions, service and non-profit agencies and business development groups.

Everything from your community involvement and service to philanthropic giving should be strategically measured, planned and implemented. Your organization’s community relations must be strategically aligned with your business plan to help your image as a corporate citizen and ultimately help your bottom line.