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Consensus Candidates Go Undefeated in Florida

By November 9, 2022No Comments

In 2022, Consensus ads became synonymous with Florida’s “Red Wave,” helping propel candidates to victory in dozens of local, state and federal races across the Sunshine State, while also notching critical wins in North Carolina and Maryland. It was a privilege to create over 400 ads across 58 races. Here are a few of our favorites.

If you haven’t seen enough political ads, click here to watch a few more—
or scroll down to learn a bit about each race.

Ashley Moody for Attorney General | No candidate in Florida history has ever won more votes in a midterm than Ashley Moody.  In fact, 2022 marks the second time our “Top Cop” became the Sunshine State’s “top vote-getter” (and the only statewide candidate to cross the 60 percent threshold).  Ads like “Stand” and “Top Cop” remind us why: She fights—and she wins.

Wilton Simpson for Commissioner of Agriculture | A farmer, family man and entrepreneur, Wilton Simpson is the perfect candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture—and on Election Day, he proved it.  Consensus was proud to help tell Wilton’s story.

Laurel Lee for Congress | After battling her way through a crowded primary, Laurel Lee scored a decisive victory in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.  She’s tough, talented and sure to shake up Washington.  Her ads, like the powerful “Split Second” and “Change,” showcase unforgettable performances from one of our state’s rising stars.

Aaron Bean for Congress | Mr. Bean is going to Washington—and it was a genuine honor to help him get there.  It’s impossible to forget “Bean Sprouts” or fail to smile after watching “Light,” both of which feature Congressman-elect Bean’s trademark honesty and optimism.  And yes, that’s exactly what he’s like in person.

María Elvira Salazar vs. Annette Taddeo | Hasta la vista, Taddeo. FL-27 was a must-win seat in the GOP’s quest to retake the U.S. House, and Consensus helped Leadership for a Strong America make a splash, with Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar sailing to re-election.

Jason Brodeur for Florida Senate | Jason Brodeur turned a tough district (Senate District 9) into a textbook case of “How to Win in (purple) Central Florida.”  Positive spots like “Brodeur Worked” and “Pets Before Politics” (yeah, it’s cute) emphasize Brodeur’s heart, humor and brains, and were complemented by clear (and memorable) contrasts, like “Street.”

Corey Simon for Florida Senate | He won a National Championship, a Super Bowl ring and now … a hard-fought seat in the Florida Senate.  Simon established himself as a political force this season after unseating longtime incumbent Loranne Ausley in a district many once considered unwinnable for the GOP.  Few districts saw as many Consensus ads as Senate District 3, but our favorites remain “Mama’s Boy” and “Team.”  We’re proud to be on Corey’s team.

Nick DiCeglie for Florida Senate | When he’s not helping “recovering New Yorkers” transition to their new lives in the Sunshine State, Nick DiCeglie is turning purple districts red.  His mom may be the “Boss,” but DiCeglie is now the Senator—and he earned it.

Clay Yarborough for Florida Senate | In politics, common sense has become, well, “uncommon.” When Northeast Florida needed practical, principled leadership, they chose Clay Yarborough (spoiler alert: they chose wisely).

Paul Renner and Sam Garrison are not only former prosecutors and Florida Speakers-in-waiting, they’re among our favorite candidates.  As always, we enjoyed the opportunity to create advertising for them, like “First Choice” and “Leader.

The Florida House of Representatives | Consensus was proud to help power battleground victories in Florida’s 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 47th, 65th, 69th, 91st, 94th, 118th and 120th State House Districts.  Some of our favorite spots include “Assembly Line,” which helped lift Peggy Gosset-Seidman to victory in the hotly-contested Palm Beach brawl, “Not Worth the Paperwork,” which helped Rick Roth best Terence Davis, and “Reason,” which crystallized Susan Plasencia’s winning case against Carlos Guillermo-Smith.

The North Carolina House of Representatives | 2022 marked Consensus’ 10-year anniversary with North Carolina’s Republican House Caucus. In a particularly contentious election cycle, Consensus candidates marched to victory in eleven key House districts, growing the GOP’s majority. With the economic health of families “Flatlining,” Pitt County needed a leader — and they called on Dr. Tim Reeder, ousting an incumbent. “Job” helped propel Stephen Ross to victory against an incumbent that refused to do his, Ken Fontenot is “Ready for Action,” toppling Linda Cooper-Suggs in bell-weather Wilson County, and rising star Erin Paré cruised to victory with common-sense over “Cuckoo Ideas.

The Maryland House of Representatives | Consensus partnered with the Maryland House GOP to do battle in several competitive districts. Spots like “You name it” helped the red team score critical victories in a blue state.

Local Races | Consensus also suited-up in a number of local races, including for Seminole County Commissioner Jay Zembower, several School Board races in Leon and Volusia counties, and in Pinellas County, where a series of Consensus TV and digital ads helped power businessman Brian Scott to victory over a longtime incumbent, turning the Pinellas Commission red.

A special note for those in our hometown of Orlando: As home to many of Florida’s swing districts, TV and radio ads for Senator Jason Brodeur, sitting or newly-elected Representatives David Smith, Susan Plasencia, Fred Hawkins, Paula Stark, and Rachel Plakon, along with statewide candidate Ashley Moody, were often so ubiquitous as to comprise the entirety of the commercial break.  It was a pleasure to produce each and every one of them—you may now return to your regularly-scheduled programming.