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West Orange Political Alliance

Consensus Communications routinely helps campaigns, governments, businesses and organizations effectively plan, budget and execute winning Digital and Social Media campaigns that deliver the right messages to the right audiences with tact and precision.

Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron was running against one of the most well-known politicians in Kentucky. At 34, Cameron had limited political experience and had never before appeared on the ballot. We needed to build name ID with a positive campaign, but also set the stage for the contrast ads that were to come. So, we implied a contrast by repeating “Daniel Cameron: the ONLY candidate who …” priming the pump for contrasts that followed later and also providing us the opportunity to repeat the candidate’s name. Polling showed that the ad helped build Cameron’s name ID and boosted his overall standing. Cameron ultimately scored a 15-point victory over his opponent, despite the narrow loss of the state’s Republican Governor.

Oakland Park G.O. Bond Initiative

Initial polling on this G.O. Bond revealed it had a narrow path to victory. Residents were not thrilled about parks, libraries or community centers. It became clear we needed to focus on the public safety and economic improvement aspects of the bond. In the end, we outperformed the poll and ended with the highest percentage pass rate of the four G.O. Bonds that were on the ballot in Broward County.



Facebook Graphics – HobNob Series

In Florida, voters can be hesitant to vote YES on constitutional amendments because of the perceived “risk” of altering the status quo.  To reduce the perceived risk—and to magnify grassroots support—we created a series of Facebook ads that celebrated local straw poll victories.  The colorful series proved to be a favorite among supporters, who readily shared.