Whether you call it grassroots, coalition-building or field operations, it all adds up to the same thing: Citizen Lobbying.

How do we get real people to care about our cause?  Where can we find them and how do we mobilize them?

When it comes to supporting your legislative efforts there are a lot of modern tools in the toolbox, from TeleTown Halls to far more sophisticated instruments.  The key is knowing which tool to use—and when.

Consensus Communications has been doing this for decades. We specialize in developing integrated grassroots plans that utilize a mix of time-tested traditional methods (such as letter-writing, phone banking and face-to-face citizen lobbying) as well as new methods, including social networking and other forms of online organizing.  In many cases, we’re called upon to integrate grassroots tactics with media relations and advertising strategies.

Each legislative campaign is different.  Some require a broad, robust grassroots presence.  Others call for finesse and low-pressure tactics.  Sometimes you need to leverage the personal relationships of local civic and business leaders and sometimes you’re looking for visible displays of deep grassroots support.  We understand that grassroots activity should support, not disrupt, legislative activity.  Furthermore, our regular work on statewide ballot measure and issue campaigns has enabled us to develop strong relationships with local leaders and field operatives throughout the Sunshine State.

The days of blindly blanketing a lawmaker’s inbox with jargon-laden, form letters are over.  Grassroots has to be smarter than that.  It needs to be authentic.  At Consensus Communications, establishing authentic grassroots networks is something we do better than anyone else.