Lawmakers and Legislative Aides consistently report that authentic contact from real people heavily influence a lawmaker’s vote.  In some surveys, personal letters and phone calls rank as the most effective methods of earning a lawmaker’s support.

Robo-calls and form letters are irrelevant.  However, personal letters and genuine phone calls from real people are essential elements of any modern legislative effort.

That’s why Consensus developed our proprietary Rapid Response System, allowing us to generate real letters and phone calls from real constituents in the legislative districts that you target.  It’s completely scalable and measurable.  And it’s as easy as pushing a button.

At Consensus, we also specialize in crafting total communications strategies that support hot-button legislative campaigns.  Our approach is unique—combining traditional media, digital media, video and grassroots to create an integrated communications strategy that effectively supports your lobbying efforts at the local, state and federal levels.

Whether you’re looking to simply generate grassroots letters, develop powerful videos or create an entire communications strategy for your bill, Consensus Communications can help.

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